C.E.C Support

Our Field Services group provides technical support and on-site power services. Regional Service Centers offer application services, warranty support, network power monitoring and customer training programs. C.E.C certified field service specialists provide power system installation, site permitting, turn-up and test, preventative maintenance and on-site field service.

For tech support or emergency product requests, C.E.C offers 24 hr. support to answer all your questions and concerns. For after business hours, weekends and Holidays, follow the voice prompts and an On-Call Tech Support Our Engineers will return your call.


假体隆胸手术通常在局部麻醉下进行丰胸产品。 它通过内窥镜手术完成。 只有1-2厘米的小切口可用于组织分离和止血酒酿蛋丰胸产品。 该操作在直视下进行,可以避免其他神经。 对血管等组织的损伤,整个手术过程都没有疼痛,就像睡觉产后丰胸,做梦一样。 当然,这也是测试医生水平的关联。 高技能的医生会将假体放到最佳位置丰胸方法,大大缩短恢复期,减轻疼痛。