C.E.C has a reputation for special power supply systems specifically for regional electrical and refinery applications, Having one decade of experience, our major strengths are under the following titles:

  • Research and development.
  • Innovation of the electronic technologies.
  • High quality of production and after sales service.
  • Design and manufacturing of equipment for special applications.
  • Custom design of indoor and outdoor enclosures.
  • Power accessories for specific applications.
  • DC system in indoor and outdoor enclosures.
  • Battery systems in equipment racks, battery racks and indoor enclosures.
  • Business travel to help or Tel call on customers and after sales service.

We’re responsible for all segments of sales process, applications engineering, quotations, order write up and providing technical support to customer based on C.E.C technical sales engineering are available to help configure the power systems.

Our Mission

Is to become the legend for innovative power management Solution in new emerging economy.

CEC power Solution delivers highly reliable power systems with high sense of Creative thinking and innovation, based on edge technology. CEC is doing the best to provide the most cost effective power Solution tailored to industrial, commercial sectors demand in Canada and around the globe due to credibility and high formance.

Company Values

Innovation: all of our products and services are based on core competency of innovation and creative thinking which is our motive to move forward.

Respect: respect to all stakeholders, peers, clients and employees is our core value.

Accountability: we are held accountable and responsible to all of our activities and behaviors.

Ethical business behavior: All CEC employees commit to follow the highest stakeholders of ethical behavior.